Considered Objects is a studio that creates limited editions through an exploration of thoughtful design, handcrafted elements, and art.  A research clothing project intended to revive the culture of connection, gratitude, and care for clothing, the people, and the resources that create them.   

Considered Objects introduces a new dressing culture by reimagining the application and experience of wearing a handcrafted kimono curated from historical eras and advanced to future ones.  Each creation is one of a kind, handcrafted through conservation and a design-led process, using recovered vintage kimonos from the early to mid 20th century that have been uniquely developed into custom textiles.

Sara selects each kimono for its beauty, legacy and originates from personal collections and historical collections in Kyoto, Tokyo, and other cities in Japan.  Every component and detail of the kimono is respected and documented from its original form as it is transformed into a timeless creation.  Due to the limited width of the kimono panels (approx. 35-37 cm), each piece is carefully engineered, maintaining the integrity of both pattern and form while being mindful of excess.  

While embracing this zero-waste philosophy, Sara devotes an inordinate amount of time and labor by gently undoing the threads from each kimono she takes apart and then assembles by hand textile panels and remnants into uniquely re-engineered textile panels keeping elements of the original details and seams to reveal the handmade nature of the original.  Sara’s creative practice is based on an exploration through research, experimentation, and hand-sewn techniques that make the project very personal, meaningful, and heartfelt.  Every creation holds special meaning, from the kimono textile, shape, structure and construction.  This slow and artisanal approach makes each garment unique, and the idiosyncrasies or imperfections discovered along the way are considered a precious mark of origin and time.  

Every Considered Objects piece preserves Japanese kimono textile traditions that date back to ancient history.  All creations are sustainable, not bound by gender, age, size, shape and are by concept functional and comfortable.  Each are imbued with a soul and beauty that illustrates the important narrative of timelessness.  Bringing attention to the inherent value in an object and encouraging one to treasure it and to pass it down from generation to generation is our goal of making things by the hands of Considered Objects.  



Born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents, Sara Sakanaka moved to New York in 2003 to pursue her fashion design studies.  Throughout her career, Sara has been privileged to collaborate with artisans across various mediums.  Drawn to the practice of preserving traditions passed down from generation to generation and upholding the values of craft, quality, and craftsmanship, Sara now creates objects that convey specific feelings and values, explore the depths of the creative process, all of which led to the birth of Considered Objects, in 2020.

As Founder and Designer of Considered Objects, Sara launched with a limited edition, hand-numbered offering of repurposed vintage kimono shirts.  The studio is based in New York City.