photo by Cassidy Turner


Considered Objects is an artistic and humble expression imbued with a soul and beauty that illustrates a visual narrative of timelessness.  A proposal for a design solution for the times, free of previous conventions, respecting contributions of beauty, past and future, memory, and modernity. 

The work is deeply rooted in exploration and experimentation, and each piece has its own identity, making the project very personal, meaningful, and heartfelt.  All creations are sustainable, not bound by gender, age, size, shape, and by concept, functional and comfortable. 

Considered Objects is seasonless; when considered, the design process initiates a movement to actualize our place in the world.  Bringing attention to the inherent value in an object and encouraging one to treasure it and pass it down from generation to generation is our goal of making things in the hands of Considered Objects. 

The design journey begins with an exploration of vintage textiles, deadstock and sustainable materials.  Due to the limitation of textiles all pieces are created in limited editions or a one-of-a-kind creation.  Each piece is handcrafted in our studio along with a small independent atelier consisting of talented artisans who are cherished and valued, who share our passion for quality and beauty with a lower impact.  Considered Objects breathes new life and meaning to each piece through an exploration of artistic handcrafted elements and experimentation while preserving their souls and each unique creation has its own identity for the wearer.  

Considered Objects is a New York-based project that was established in 2020 by Sara Sakanaka.  She launched with a limited edition, hand-numbered offering of repurposed vintage kimono shirts.  Each edition has been created to be sustainable and timeless, rich in narrative and meaning.  Sara believes in creating pieces with an emotional and nostalgic value, finding beauty in their narrative and permanent presence.