Considered Objects exist in the realms of visual escapism; a concept studio that celebrates the exploratory process of crafting objects.  We strive to highlight the creative process as a tool for processing emotion while preserving the memories and stories of artists.

Our studio holds importance on its collaborators’ unique lens and the relationship they nurture with their objects.  We honor the idea’s narrative as it evolves organically from object, filled with life, to a vision.  Considered Objects is seasonless; when considered, the design process initiates a movement within to actualize our place in the world.

Handcrafted Narrative Objects. We nurture and create limited editions through an artistic and sentimental vision - the objects are designed to embody a unique theme and tell a unique story in their structures.  By slowly releasing new objects we honor each piece and its form. 



Born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents, Sara Sakanaka moved to New York in 2003 to pursue her fashion design studies.  Throughout her career, Sara has been privileged to collaborate with master artisans across various mediums.  Drawn to the practice of preserving traditions passed down from generation to generation and upholding the values of craft and quality craftsmanship, Sara now creates objects that convey specific feelings and values, explore the depths of the creative process, all of which led to the birth of Considered Objects, in 2020.

As Founder and Creative Director of Considered Objects, Sara oversees a concept and design studio in New York City.  She launched with a limited edition, hand-numbered offering of repurposed vintage kimono shirts.  Each edition has been created to be sustainable and timeless, rich in narrative and meaning.