giving back

We look to nature as not only our living environment but also how to be still and be present.  When spending time with nature, we honor that by observing, listening, and reconnecting with ourselves.  

We believe in cherishing all living matter; our mindfulness guides us to make better choices for our social responsibility and sustainability.  Living sustainably is when humans and nature exist in harmony to support the present and our future generations.  Cutting down on waste, respecting our Earth’s resources, trying to live sustainably sits at the center of what it means to live mindfully.  We believe in choosing things in your life that are relevant and necessary — not just functional but also emotional, where you start to have a real relationship with objects. 

Through upcycling and re-purposing traditional Japanese kimonos, Considered Objects addresses textile waste’s mounting problem in the fashion industry.  By gently cleaning used kimonos and re-imagining them into one-of-a-kind creations, we extend the life of traditional Japanese kimono textiles.  We hope that the life and story of our garments can continue from generation to generation.

We believe in giving back to the community as part of our social responsiblity to our society.  It's not just the environment that we need to treat better, it's also each other.  Through our partnership with Shopping Gives, we extend our responsibility by participating in the giving economy.  

With every purchase, we donate a percentage of our sales to any customer's 501(c)3 charity of choice.  Simply search by the charity’s name or EIN number in the donation box upon check out to make a selection.