edition 01

Reimagined through a modern lens, the edition 01 collection is composed of 15 one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces, made of vintage kimonos and artisanal textiles, influenced by the 17th century Edo period and sourced directly from Japan.  Hand-selected from personal collections and vintage sellers in Kyoto, Tokyo, and other cities in Japan, each kimono shown in edition 01 was selected for both its beauty as well as its legacy. 

Tailored from straight lines, the kimono can be adapted to all body types without cutting from the textile.  Due to the limited width of the kimono panels (approx. 14 in / 35-37 cm), each piece is carefully engineered, maintaining the integrity of both pattern and form, while being mindful of excess.  While embracing this zero-waste philosophy, our fabric remnants are also assembled into unique patchwork items and pouches.

The edition 01 collection preserves the kimono textile, weaving the past into the present, in its preservation of tradition, history, and individual narratives.  Our aim at Considered Objects is to create sustainable, functional, and lasting pieces that illustrate this visual narrative of timelessness. 

Below are a series of images showcasing Considered Objects' first six, one-of-a-kind vintage kimono pieces.


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