N° 16 'Kawa' Kimono Shirt
N° 16 'Kawa' Kimono Shirt
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N° 16 'Kawa' Kimono Shirt

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Tomesode kimono.  100% silk.  1960s-1980s.

The pattern is cut from a 'Kuro-tomesode,' 黒留袖 formal kimono with designs along the bottom of the skirt worn by married women on ceremonial occasions.  A typical feature of the Kuro-tomesode is the number of 'Kamon' 家紋 (family crest). In addition, this kimono is adorned with the 'Kiri' 桐, paulownia crest.  This tree was adopted as a crest motif because it symbolizes good fortune. 

The work of art pattern is created by 'Yuzen' 友禅染; a Japanese resist dyeing technique by hand featuring silk peonies, sakura, fans, gold embroidery and a river (Kawa) or winding stream that represents continuity and the future. 

Every piece is one of a kind and hand-numbered.  All wear and idiosyncrasies are unique to the textile.  Handcrafted by artisans in New York City. 

Size & Measurements:
One size only.  
This style has a generous fit and is meant to fit several sizes (XS-L)

Front length from neck: 28in / 71cm
Back length from neck: 32in / 81cm
Chest: 23 in / 58cm

Care and Longevity:
Spot treat to clean or bring to a green dry cleaner. May be sensitive to treatment with dry cleaning chemicals.

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