Discovering a kimono is a deeply personal journey, one that is defined by intuition and necessity.  When I come across a kimono, I typically start by analyzing the kimono in its entirety.  As kimonos are made out of silk, over time without proper care the dyes can oxidize creating permanent stains.  A kimono is completely hand sewn with silk thread, using running stitches, tacking stitches, and hidden fold stitches.  The dissection and the unpicking of the vintage kimono by hand is a process that I find meditative.

Taking apart each of the panels including the lining is a lengthy process that typically takes me several hours.  In my personal discovery with the kimono textile, I am reminded of how in the past, how much time was also spent in the kimonos original creation.  The experience of working with these precious textiles reminds me of the traditional importance of Japanese textiles and craftsmanship on my creative process and serves as a strong reminder of my cultural heritage.